Koala fencing unfeasible on local roads

A RESCISSION motion not to support the installation of koala fences on local roads in and around the nationally important koala population will be put forward at this week's Ballina Shire Council Ordinary Meeting.

In the notice of motion, councillors Paul Worth, Susan Meehan and Robyn Hordern argue the council is not in a position to fund and maintain a network of fences, even if matching funding is provided by state and federal governments.

They say the work would be expensive and no funding for it is included in council's long term financial plan.

"Point three of the current resolution is also open ended and as such is irresponsible from a financial management perspective," the councillor comment says.

"We are happy to encourage the State and Federal Governments to provide this fencing but as a council we should focus on our existing infrastructure and services as recommended in the NSW State Government's Fit for the Future Program."

Staff comment attached to the motions says the main road of interest would be Wardell Road, which is approximately 7km long, which would require 14km of fencing.

Wildlife exclusion fencing, typically used by RMS, costs $120 per metre, meaning it could cost in excess of $1.6 million to fully fence.

Staff also pointed out exclusion fencing couldn't erected along driveway access points.

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