Police and locals joined forces to catch a suspect in Miles yesterday.
Police and locals joined forces to catch a suspect in Miles yesterday. Trevor Veale

Knife, drugs found in potato chip bag

POLICE are looking for a man who escaped after he was found with a silver pistol gas burner, and a bag of chips filled with illicit drugs, cash and a knife.

Police came upon the man at 11:55pm on Friday while patrolling Wommin Bay Drive at Kingscliff in relation to traffic and stree offences.

The accused was a passenger in a maroon coloured Subaru Forrester station wagon, which was pulled over for a random breath test.

The driver was subjected to a roadside breath test, which returned a negative result, when police noticed the passenger who was eating from a large packet of chips and appeared nervous.

He was unable to supply police with any identification and subsequent checks revealed he had two outstanding warrants in QLD.

The male was advised he was going to be searched for drugs and possible knife possession. The accused stated he did not have any objections.

Police requested the accused to empty his pockets which he did. The accused was then seen to turn away from police and reach in to his underwear and attempt to place an item under a shirt on the bonnet. Police pulled his hands away and saw that the accused had placed a silver pistol style gas burner approximately 15cm in length under the shirt. The accused stated it was secreted because his pockets were shallow.  The accused was told to sit down on the gutter as he was becoming nervous and appeared agitated.

Police conducted a search of the vehicle starting on the passenger side.

In the chip bag they found a small brown leather style zip wallet containing methylamphetamine crystals weighing 1.71 grams, a small brown bottle with a black lid containing a liquid weighing 44.80 grams, a 16 cm skinning knife, small set of digital scales, a glass ice pipe, a red straw cut in half and sealed on one end, 38 small resealable plastic bags, and $147.80 in cash.

When police went to arrest the man, he ran from the area.

Police are aware of the identification of this male and are confident he will be arrested soon.

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