Kitten crushed after litter dumped at Warwick tip

Wildlife carer Pascale Farrow is disgusted someone would deliberately dump these kittens knowing they would be likely to die.
Wildlife carer Pascale Farrow is disgusted someone would deliberately dump these kittens knowing they would be likely to die. Jonno Colfs

IN AN act of callous disregard, a litter of kittens was dumped in a huge cardboard recycling skip at the Warwick tip on Monday.

One kitten died, crushed by the weight dumped in from above, but three survived and are recuperating at the home of Warwick wildlife carer Pascale Farrow.

"Unfortunately I've seen so much of this type of thing so many times over the years," Ms Farrow said.

"It doesn't shock me any more, but I'm always disgusted and disappointed that someone would leave unwanted animals in a place where they know they will most likely die.

"There is a drop-off box for this very purpose at the pound, at least then the animals have some chance."


The three surviving kittens.
The three surviving kittens. Jonno Colfs

As luck would have it, another wildlife carer works part-time at the Endeavour shop at the tip and was alerted to the discovery of the litter after staff heard the mews of the distressed youngsters.

"She got in contact with me and I've taken them until I can find somebody who'll take them," Ms Farrow said.

"They look like shed ferals to me, they're not humanised at all but have seen humans - they're certainly not domestic pets.

"Even so, this is not the way to get rid of an unwanted litter."

Ms Farrow said the main point was about stopping the problem of unwanted litters before they started.

"People need to desex their pets," she said.

"If you decide to get a kitten at six weeks old, then put away $10 every week and by the time they're six or seven months old, you'll have enough to cover costs."

Ms Farrow said Granite Belt Wildlife Carers were desperate for volunteers.

Anyone who can help can phone them on 0418144073.

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