KIRRA-LEE Allan got a big surprise when exploring her family's Tucki Tucki property - a giant chicken egg.

The five-year-old was on her daily egg check of their chicken coop with her father, Phillip, on Sunday morning when she came across the unexpected object among the hay and clucking hens.

Kirra-Lee said the first thing she thought when she saw it was "Big!"

Kirra-Lee's mother, Michelle, was also astounded by the size of the egg, having never seen one that size in nine years of owning and breeding chickens.

With an average egg usually rounding out at about 59g, and Kirra-Lee's cracking item rolling in at just over 125g, it stands to be quite an amazing feat for one particular hen, said Mrs Allan.

The problem is, the family don't know which of their 12 chickens is the mother of this particular gift.

"It could be one of our black ones, but I don't know," said Mrs Allan, who explained that their black-coated chickens usually lay the bigger eggs among the lot.

The 12, all either black or buff-coloured chickens have all been raised by the Allans since they hatched, and now are between 18-months to two years old.

With the average lifespan of a chicken at seven years, the hen that deposited this massive egg is still considered fairly young.

The question now remains as to what the Allans will do with this egg-straordinary item.

Mrs Allan said she was keen to see how many yolks the egg contained, as multiple yolks can occur, especially in larger eggs.

But far from being put in a trophy cabinet, the family said instead they look forward to treating the incredible egg just they would any other egg: by eating it.

Kirra-Lee said she indeed looks forward to "cooking up" the egg, and said she hopes it gets scrambled, just the way she likes them.

Mum however, doesn't care, as long as the giant egg tastes just as delicious as their normal eggs.


Chicken or Egg?

  1. The average commercial hen lays 300 eggs a year
  2. The average lifespan of a chicken is seven years
  3. There are more chickens on earth than there are people, more than three billion in China alone
  4. The record for multiple yolks in one egg is nine
  5. Chickens will lay fewer and fewer but larger and larger eggs as they grow older
  6. The largest recorded chicken egg weighed 340g and had two yolks
  7. A headless chicken can run the length of a football field before dropping dead
  8. The longest recorded chicken flight was 13 seconds and a total distance of 91.8m

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