King of the weird and strange confirms show in Nimbin

PERSONAL STYLE: David Liebe Hart is an American musician, street performer, sign and window painter, artist, puppeteer and actor.
PERSONAL STYLE: David Liebe Hart is an American musician, street performer, sign and window painter, artist, puppeteer and actor.

IN terms of strange, out there performers, it does not get any weirder than David Liebe Hart.

Even for Nimbin standards, this American self-confessed outsider musician, puppeteer, artist, actor and painter is out of the norm.

Hart, 61, writes his own music, mostly about religion, aliens, women, trains, and his tragic love life.

While his vast and bizarre catalogue of songs has yielded his cult hits such as Salame, Father & Son and Puberty, it is his recent collaborations with electronic musician Jonah Mociun (aka Th' Mole) have propelled David Liebe Hart into previously unexplored territory.

His latest music video, Insect Woman, tells the story of Hart visiting a planet only to fall in love with an eight legged insect woman who he marries.

The details of the the marriage's consumation and the birth of their babies make this video quite an unforgettable experience.

WARNING: Super weird stuff



Liebe Hart resides in Los Angeles but has a strong following in Australia and New Zealand, due mainly to the strong cult following of Tim & Eric's various shows on Cartoon Network and Comedy Central in which he has appeared many times.

His followers are extremely supportive and loyal, won over by David's honesty and hilarious idiosyncrasies, as well his fun and engaging stage shows.

With Th' Mole as backing musician, Liebe Hart puts on a show certain to please old fans and new ones alike. In addition to renditions of David's old favourites, the duo will perform new songs along with puppets, projected video accompaniment, and David's oddly endearing stories of past relationships and paranormal encounters.

This is bizarre comedy mixed with social commentary with a strong absurdist streak.

There really is no-one out there like David Liebe Hart to compare him to, but as a point of reference he is like Yo Gabba Gabba meets Devo.

David Liebe Hart will be supported by Spacecowboy4005, (Timo Bardsley) an edgy Brisbane-based Trap Hip Hop performer.

  • At The Nimbin Bush Theatre Auditorium on Thursday, April 6, from 8pm. $20 at the door. Rated 18+.

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