Kim Churchill to play Falls and Mullum Music Fests

Kim Churchill.
Kim Churchill.

You're about to enter a huge couple of months, touring Europe and Canada before your Australian tour, are you getting pumped up?

I feel satisfactorily distracted today. I'm in Peru and making the most of a bit of recharge time. Being on tour is a lot of fun and the amount of shows I have in the next few months is fairly intense. I know every moment of it will be great but looking at it as a whole from the beginning is a little daunting.

Are you excited to be coming home and playing the Mullum Music Festival this year?

Yeah! It's a beautiful part of the world and a festival I've heard great things about from friends. A lot of my favourite moments on tour have been on the North Coast of NSW and I have met a lot of amazing people too. For the first few years of my career Lennox Head was where I spent any moment I had not on the road. So any excuse to come back and see everyone and soak up the amazing atmosphere I've grown to love around that area so a great one.

You've also been announced on the line-up for this year's Falls Festival, how does that feel?

Yeah great! That festival has done really well for itself and I love the way it's grown so large whilst keeping a lot of those initial principles that made it so special. I was in Lorne a few years ago and it was brilliant. Awesome line-up too!

Having gained a huge amount of momentum after winning the Byron Bay Bluesfest Busker Competition in 2009, do you have a bit of a soft spot for music festivals?

Especially for Byron Bluesfest. It's been like a musical home for me and was really my first festival experience. Australia has a great array of different festivals. It's a really cool part of our culture and I have learnt more and more appreciation for our music scene and festival scene through going overseas and seeing how it all fits together. We're super lucky!

We can see you've been on the road a bit over the last few months, have you been gathering any inspiration along the way or doing some writing?

Yeah I have been writing loads. The touring is brilliant for that because it is constantly loading up your creativity with fresh flavours and colours. I find the writing I'm doing at the moment is very immediate as well. Peru has been a great influence on my songwriting the last few weeks too. Truly amazing place!

What can fans expect from your shows at the end of the year?

Hopefully it's getting better. The performances of all the new songs has been evolving and solidifying over the last four months of festivals overseas and even the old stuff has kind of re-formed into something fresh in the show. I'm still performing solo on stage and really just hoping to add my own brand of performance and music to the one-man band formula.


Kim Churchill plays the Mullum Music Festival November 20-23 and Falls Festival December 30 2014- January 3 2015.

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