'Killer Corner' sparks local outrage

BEFORE he died, Grevillia man Keith Lever donated a hectare of his land to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority in a bid to get something done about a deadly corner of road located adjacent to his property.

That was back in 1963.

Forty-five years later, Grevillia locals still hear the sounds of screeching tyres and smashing glass from many serious accidents at the corner on the Summerland Way north of Kyogle.

The RTA recently installed a 45km/h advisory sign at the corner, but nothing has been done to fix the section of road.

The RTAs lack of action has outraged the Grevillia Rural Fire Brigade, which is usually first on the accident scene.

Brigade secretary Sandy Kelly said drivers frequently misjudged the corner and lost control of their vehicles, often driving off the edge of an embankment and crashing into the Richmond River below.

Mrs Kelly said it was only a matter of time before someone else was killed at the corner - the last fatality was in August, 2006, and there had been at least six other accidents since.

The brigade is calling for the RTA to upgrade the corner, which is more of a nightmare since the RTA changed speed limits from 50km/h to 70km/h almost two years ago.

Mrs Kelly said the corner had been an issue since at least the 1960s, when Mr Lever donated the land to the RTA. She said the brigade had written to the RTA several times asking that the corner be realigned, guard rails erected and major signage provided.

"The residents who live nearby are being woken regularly by the sound of cars and trucks with their brakes screaming," Mrs Kelly said.

Tom Little is a volunteer with the brigade and lives just up the road from the site.

He often hears 'screech, bang, splash', and rushes out knowing another accident has happened. The corner is just before the 50km/h zone heading into Grevillia from Kyogle.

According to Woodenbong police, there have been 11 crashes at the site since 2001.

Mrs Kelly said countless others had happened without being reported, such as one in February where a car ended up in the river. Two days later when another car did the same thing, it landed on the other car.

An RTA spokesperson said curve advisory markers would be installed 'in the near future'.

"The RTA has allocated $50,000 next year to investigate possible alignment changes, pending the State budget."

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