Kill threat leads to arrest

BAD feeling between two neighbours on a multiple occupancy property ended with one screaming he was going to kill the other and brandishing a brush hook.

John Stanley Thompson’s actions led to him facing charges of stalking/intimidating with intent to cause fear of harm; and being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Thompson denied the charges and was defended by David Imlah in Lismore Local Court last Thursday.

Two police officers gave evidence they answered a triple-0 call from the Lillian Rock property on the evening of January 1 this year.

The call came from a Carlos Spindler, who lived next door to Thompson.

He told police Thompson had been yelling and threatening him and he feared for his safety.

Senior Constable Greg Huxtable said he and Snr Const Tracy Linton watched Thompson approach down his drive with a brush hook, screaming ‘I’m going to kill you, you little German c---’.

They shone a torch on him and called out repeatedly ‘John, it’s the police’, ordering him to ‘put the weapon down’.

When he reached the gate between the properties, Thompson stopped and dropped the garden tool.

As the officers approached him, he fell over, drunk, they said.

He was arrested and taken to Nimbim police station.

Thompson told the court he had been asleep after a long day, during which he had done some voluntary work at the bowling club.

Later, he had gone out to dinner at a friend’s place, where he admitting drinking a six-pack and a couple of large whiskeys.

He walked back to the property, where his car was parked.

It had a flat tyre, but he drove it up the steep drive to his home, Mr Thompson said. There had been some scraping noise and Mr Spindler had come out to complain.

After getting home, Mr Thompson said he had gone to bed and been awoken by shouting, which made him believe he was about to be attacked by Mr Spindler and several others.

He rushed outside in his underwear and picked up the brush hook to defend himself, he said.

Magistrate Robyn Denes said she found much of Thompson’s version of events unconvincing.

Thompson was not in bed as he claimed, she said.

“He was drunk, and he was coming down the path.”

The first charge of stalking/intimidation was not simply the revving of the car, she said, but by Thompson’s arming himself with a weapon.

She found both charges proved and placed Thompson on a good behaviour bond for two years.

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