Kerrie's pearler of a career has been diverse

WORKING AWAY: Kerrie Falls celebrates 30 years in the Public Service.
WORKING AWAY: Kerrie Falls celebrates 30 years in the Public Service. Contributed

IT'S rare these days for someone to work for the same company for three years but Kerrie Falls has been with the same employer for three decades.

At 20 years of age Ms Falls started working with the former Department of Social Security in Lismore back in 1986.

From there the time has flown.

"It doesn't feel like 30 years,” she said.

"(The work) helps you stay invigorated and you keep fresh after 30 years.”

Ms Falls has moved between different jobs within the department, always learning new skills along the way.

"Initially, I started doing mail all those years ago and, of course, you progress,” she said.

"I started working on the counter with customers and did that for 10 years.”

Ms Falls then moved into administrative work and corporate services support, but her real enjoyment has been her current role.

"For the last 10 years I've been working in the mobile servicing team,” she said.

The inaugural Mobile Services Team was tasked with helping to get the first mobile office on the road to bring face-to-face Centrelink services to drought-hit regional and rural communities across Australia.

"It was only going to be a six week initiative, a one-stop-shop for farmers,” Ms Falls said.

"Then it went from one drought bus to three, in a matter of weeks.

"Then it was going to last for six months - 10 years later it's now business as usual.”

Ms Falls said to be a part of that right from the start and have a hand in implementing the processes has been very satisfying.

With changes in technology and computing Ms Falls said much of the work has gone from manually inputting information by typists to the much more efficient procedures of today.

"We have come so far,” she said. "Not everyone is lucky enough to work in the same place for 30 years.

"I was born here in the area and have been able to have a good career.”

And are there any plans to move on?

"No, no thoughts of leaving, I am quite happy here,” she laughed.

"I had a little celebration with cake and celebrated turning 50 too.”

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