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Keith Richards doesn't believe in growing old

KEITH Richards says he and his Rolling Stones bandmates "defy gravity".

The 72-year-old musician - who is part of the legendary rock group with Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts - doesn't believe in getting old and says his bandmates are "moving better than ever".

He said: "That's a concept younger people have about older people. It's incredible. I mean I've watched that guy [Mick] every night, man and he's moving better than ever.

"It depends how life treats you and how you're feeling because, I mean, so far, physically the Stones are incredibly blessed, strong constitutions that defy gravity."

And it isn't just physically that Keith believes The Rolling Stones are strong but says they are also as "solid" when it comes to their band and its staying power.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "We're probably more solid than ever. I'm looking forward. We've always managed to cross generation. The ages of the audiences in South America and Cuba was amazing. I mean what can I say? We've survived without any collateral damage.

"It's an amazing journey and I can't think if anything that would have happened differently or that's we could have affected. I mean nobody wishes Brian [Jones] was dead but there's nothing else. Also, I must say the resilience of this band, all the c**p that's happened to us so many times, doesn't stop the fact that we will keep going. Just as long as we're here, it's not even a point of honour. It just a case of what else are you going to do?"

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