NEW TREND: Online shopping interacting with its customers
NEW TREND: Online shopping interacting with its customers Kamil Macniak

Keeping up with the online shopping trend

AUSTRALIAN businesses will need to commit further to digital commerce as new trends accelerate the migration of customers to online shopping, according to Australian Business Consulting and Solutions.

Australian Business Consulting and Solutions is part of the commercial services arm of the NSW Business Chamber.

The group has identified five technology trends that will see the continued transformation of the way business interacts with its customers moving away from traditional face to face to solely digital interaction.

The five trends are led by the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets.

Browsing on these devices to shop is expected to overtake the use of desktops and laptops for the first time this year.

The use of augmented reality is also on the rise.

This is where the digital meets the physical world.

An example of this is Google glasses which provide real time information on what a customer is seeing or 3D modelling of customer's dimensions so they can try on digital clothing for size.

Interactive and personalised advertising and marketing is also coming to the fore.

This entails retailers using historic data regarding a customer's search and purchasing history to tailor and personalise advertising to consumers.

To get the goods to the customers online shopping shipping is providing 24/7 access to goods purchased online through newly developed 'collection lockers'.

And finally there is the emergence of digital identities, a single sign-on technology used to access secure areas and confirm identity, ending the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

"Hand-held digital devices such as our increasingly smarter smartphones and the explosion in touchscreen tablet technology are providing the platform for a revolution in the way we conduct commerce.

"This is likely to be far more transformative than EFTPOS and the modern supermarket/retail store concept," said Paula Martin, general manager of Australian Business Consulting and Solutions.

"The message for Australian entrepreneurs is that it's time to get on board the technology revolution, if you haven't already.

"There isn't any space for those who think old fashion is still in vogue."

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