Art vs potholes: Which one would you choose?

Lismore roads are suffering pothole fever after recent floods and weather events.
Lismore roads are suffering pothole fever after recent floods and weather events. Samantha Elley

EVERY time I see a social media post from a councillor from a Northern Rivers council proposing anything artistic, creative or off-centre, I brace for impact.

I know what's coming, and it's always there, ready for me to hit the roof: A comment reading "why don't you use that money to fix the potholes instead", or something similar.

After living in the area for almost a decade, I've realised that I much rather endure a road that is not perfect to live in a place where creativity and arts are important.

Now, I understand this opinion will not be popular, and I will be fuelling the keyboard warriors plenty of reasons to take me down.

But if I have to endure a couple of potholes on my way to Mullum Music Festival, or some not-so-perfect roads on my way to Artstate in Lismore, so be it.

I also understand that budgets for artistic events and road fixing come from different places and cannot be re-directed by local councils, an element of the discussion many seem to overlook.

My message is simple: please don't bring down artistic projects in the area just because we are all inconvenienced by potholes.

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