WATERCOOLER: Kate Ceberano eviction - fair call or too far?

IT SEEMS no one is immune to Qantas' new dress code rules, with Kate Ceberano being ousted from the airport lounge for wearing flip-flops.

The singer took to social media to vent about being kicked out. 

"Disappointed to be evicted from the Qantas Lounge after being a member since 1990 for wearing 'inappropriate footwear'? hahaha (new rules)," she wrote on her Facebook.

Disappointed to be evicted from the Qantas Lounge after being a member since 1990 for wearing 'inappropriate footwear'? hahaha (new rules)

Posted by Kate Ceberano on Sunday, October 4, 2015


In April it was revealed Qantas had banned thongs, shorts, vests, gym wear and Ugg boots from its business and club lounges in Australia, in a bid to enforce its new "smart casual" dress code.

>>QANTAS' new controversial dress code

A Qantas spokesman told Fairfax Media: "We completely understand that being declined at the door isn't a great experience, so this is a good opportunity to remind those wanting to use our capital city lounges of the dress code that applies."

What do you think about this? Do you support Qantas' dress code? And Kate Cebrano's eviction for 'inappropriate footwear': fair call or too far?

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What you're saying on Facebook:

Jake Hasted: "If your a Qantas member you received a email stating that fully enclosed foot wear must be worn. I learnt that the hard way. Which is stupid because a lot of the time people fly in what's comfortable and being Australian thongs are comfy."

Stacey Rene'e: "What a ridiculous rule, she's dressed nicely and is wearing sandals... whooop de do Qantas!"

Charlene Whitton: "Wrong Qantas! It looks like it's her good going out thongs too ...! Lol."

Pete Flo: "We are the land of the rubber thong for goodness sake."

Rachel Bradley: "At least she had footwear on ! Get a grip Qantas."

Nick Rynenberg: "Its almost summer and it looks ok to me, least they are not thongs..."

Bryan Godsall: "The rules are the same for everyone. Sorry Kate, you aren't a special snowflake."

Bryony Winsor: "No not at all! When you fly you want to be comfy! I wear my havvies every time I fly for that reason."

Hayley Maree: "We seriously live in a world where you can't exist in a place based on what you wear on your feet. Then news gets made out of it. And then you get to see that there are people that don't think this is totally ridiculous. Humans are weird."

Cecily Sklavos: "She knows the dress standard's rules. Perhaps Qantas could provide some complimentary "ballet flats" to forgetful people."

Angeline Smith: "Dressy thongs would be approved in most clubs I've been too. They aren't the shabby yard ones. Too far."

Karissa Jayne: "Reckon they classify as sandals, not thongs..... they're not rubber pluggers."

Jennifer Joy Smith: "No way. how dare they, it's a casual life we live in today. So suck it up and if the Qantas Lounge does not even accept Kate!!! What a loss and you lose big time!!!!!"

Valerie Stewart Lewis: "A good job I am not using the Qantas Lounge....I would get thrown out every time. I wear sandals, have done so for years......I have arthritis in both feet and can't wear shoes."

Amanda Beaton: "Fair call....why should she be treated any different to the rest of us....and the rule has been this way since April."

Kyal Moore: "Fair enough. Their rules, don't like it don't go there."

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