Progressive metal rock band Karnivool.
Progressive metal rock band Karnivool. Kane Hibberd

Karnivool to hit Byron with new material

One of Australia's best progressive bands is set to hit the road again for the first time in 18 months apart from a magical appearance at Unify 2018.

The band are currently working on a new album and will perform at Byron Bay venue The Northern.

Karnivool guitarist Mark Hosking said the Praxis tour was the embodiment of their growth as a band.

"Praxis really covers touring in general I think, you hone your craft and rehearse a show, make it all as good as you can then take that out on the road, but hopefully it has a deeper meaning than that," he said.

"It means more of an 'accepted practice' as opposed to just practising something you've theorised or crafted, so maybe we're doing the expected tour but with a twist.. who knows?."

He said the recording process on the new album was well underway with the writing process pushing them further into their creative and sonic brains than ever before.

"The recording process is a convoluted and confusing as ever with this band - putting songs together, pulling them apart, jamming, writing, recording, deleting, re-recording.

"If anyone said they knew exactly what they were doing they'd be lying.

"But we are feeling it come together in it's weird critical way and what we have we are so in love with, looking forward to releasing this stuff on the world, and yes absolutely we will be playing new stuff live.

"We have always done that, road test songs so to speak, it helps us understand them."

He said Byron Bay held a great place in all their hearts and were very excited to be getting back there and playing.

"The way people connect with music will never change, that's the beauty of it. It's a base level vibration and live music holds that over everything else.

"You can close your eyes and see the music, I think with the technology age this has only gotten more important, that connection, it's super human but also base human as well so I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.

"Come down and feel the vibrations."

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