Yeezus: Kanye West unleashes rant at Brisbane show

KANYE West has launched an expletive-laden attack on the media after copping criticism in the media for telling people in wheelchairs to stand up at a concert.

"Anybody, who is not handicapped or in a wheelchair - stand the f--- up," he yelled to his adoring crowd.

"If you can not prove to me that you are in a wheelchair, then you need to be standing. If you can, then it is OK to sit down."

Brisbane was the last stop on Yeezy's Yeezus tour and the man, who had been dwelling on media "negativity" all Monday, was in the mood to play, Fairfax reported.

"Look at me for a second. Take a step back and look at this, I'm a married Christian man with a family," he told the the Brisbane crowd.

"At my concerts I make sure everybody has as good a time as possible ... pick a new target," he says.

It came after he visited Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast with Kim Kardashian and baby North.

"Ya know, and I don't know if you can hear my voice or not, but every single line just means a little bit more tonight," their Yeezus said.

Kanye West
Kanye West

"If you really think about the s--- that I say, every single line applies to the bulls--- that they put in the media.

"So tonight's concert is a protest. To the lies and the bulls--- that they put out there in the media about the artist that you love.

"Tonight's concert is a protest to how they blow s--- out of proportion to try and distract y'all from the real s--- that is going on.

"...The last day I had in Australia, I went to the zoo today with my child and my wife. Ya know what I'm sayin'? And all the day I got to think about some bulls---, fake stories they put in the press and should I say a statement?

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