The Jungle Giants.
The Jungle Giants.

The Jungle Giants Q&A

BRISBANE band The Jungle Giants has had a big push from Triple J with their single Mr Polite and the latest No One Needs To Know receiving considerable airplay.

Bassist Andrew Dooris takes some time out from recording the follow-up to their self-titled debut EP to talk to CASSANDRA TOBIN.

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You guys are about to head off on tour with San Cisco but you had a warm-up gig last week in Tassie. It was the first time you met - how did it go?
It was great. I think I have a band crush on those guys. They're actually quite similar to us in musical style, but also in more ways than that.

They're nearly the exact same age - they have three 19-year-olds and one 18; we have three 18-year-olds and one 19. We were actually nervy as all hell before we met them.

You know you're going to be touring with them so if you don't put your best face forward it could get awkward.

So Sam (Hales, vocalist TJG) was saying we shouldn't eat tuna before we meet them because we don't want to have bad breath.

Then we got to meet them and we hit it off. Sam and Jordi (Davieson, vocalist SC) are pretty much the same person. Dan (Hanson from Ball Park Music said he hates touring because you meet all these bands; you become good friends and at the end you have to say goodbye.

It breaks your heart. Then you watch your best friends making friends with other bands and it breaks your heart all over again.

How's recording going?
Yeah it's busy. I've got the bass stuff done so I'm just chilling out with Keelan (Bijker, drums) watching Sam and Cesira (Aitken, guitar) doing their thing.

When can we expect to hear it?
I have no idea. We haven't set any kind of a date. Next week we finish recording, but we haven't put a timeline on it. Hopefully within the next million years.

The Jungle Giants play The Byron Bay Brewery February 16 with San Cisco. Tickets $15.30, .au

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