17,000 pogo stick jumps: How many records has Ewan broken?

Alstonville 12-year-old Ewan Chate has broken an array of records on pogo sticks.
Alstonville 12-year-old Ewan Chate has broken an array of records on pogo sticks. Marc Stapelberg

CAN you imagine jumping up and down on a pogo stick more than 17,000 times?

What about more than 2000 times... with no hands?

12-year-old Alstonville kid Ewan Chate can.

Ewan was on the set of Little Big Shots in April when he broke a Guinness World Record record: the most consecutive no hand pogo stick jumps.


He jumped a massive 1253 times, but since thought he could do better.

"I've just recently attempted to break that one again and I got 2447," Ewan said.

It hasn't been recognised by Guinness yet, the process of proving can take up to three months.

On the same day he broke another record.

"I got most jumps on a pogo stick by an 11-year-old, where I got around 14,000, we haven't counted yet."


His list of achievements is lengthy for someone who has only been doing it for two years.

"I have furthest distance travelled on a pogo stick by a ten year old, where I travelled 2.54 kilometres; the least amount of jumps around a 12 foot by 12 foot perimeter, I got 19 jumps; fastest time to solve a two by two Rubiks Cube and Pyramix Rubiks Cube, while bouncing on a pogo stick (one record).

"Most amount of jumps on a pogo stick by a ten year old and I got 17,936 jumps, which took just under three hours.

"I have just recently sent in two other records which are still pending - including the furthest distance travelled on a pogo stick by an 11 year old (3.09 kilometres) which was done around Circular Quay.

Surprisingly enough Ewan has had no major injuries in the two years of jumping, aside from leg burns suffered on the day he smashed two records.


Ewan's newest pogo stick - A Vurtego - can reach eight feet high and opens up a whole other realm of opportunities.

"I've just turned 12 so that opens up a bunch of more records to break," he said.

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