Priscilla: Steve Morrissey, Clint Carey and Jason Lawlor
Priscilla: Steve Morrissey, Clint Carey and Jason Lawlor Contributed

Jumbunna major show sends laughter through town

LAUGHTER rang across Casino when community members became actors and singers and performed on stage during the Jumbunna show, Hollywood.

More than 370 people attended the show, held at the Casino RSM Club on April 2.

Jumbunna staff and community members performed in nine acts showcasing an array of Hollywood movie and music greats, including The Sound of Music, Lady GaGa, Doris Day, Gangman, Chicago, Big Spender, Burlesque, Pat Benatar, Village People and the Australian favourite, Priscilla.

The performers were choreographed by Wendy King, who has been in the role for most of the previous Jumbunna shows.

The men who performed were Clinton Carey, Stewart Coughran, Tony Darragh, Jason Lawlor (who is also the Jumbunna president), Darren Morrissey, Steve Morrissey, Brian Olive, Darren Schipp and Jeff Townsend.

They were supported by 12 Jumbunna staff members while other staff members were involved in costume making, makeup and assisting with selling raffle tickets.

Mr Lawlor said it was a lot of fun to be involved in Jumbunna's major fundraiser of the year.

"It has been both a pleasure and a whole lot of fun - I'm sure we will all miss dance practice on Thursday nights," he said.

The Best Dressed male was awarded to Shane, who was dressed as Maverick - Top Gun. Best group was Dan, Brett, Bethany and Abby - The Great Gatsby, whilst show girl Carol won Best Dressed female.

When the stage was clear, local band Layback Duo provided great music to dance the night away. Kenny Woodhams was the MC for the evening, keeping the full program on track and, mostly, on time.

Artwork used on the posters, hanging around the walls and the stage backdrop was created by local artist Jeff Townsend.

Nearly $15,000 was raised on the night, thanks to the auctions, ticket sales, donations and raffles combined.

Jumbunna Community Preschool and Early Intervention Centre director, Karen McDermott, said it was fantastic to see so many local people and businesses show their support.

"Our centre relies on the good spirit and compassion of many people," she said.

"We are very grateful that Jumbunna has a special place in the hearts and minds of so many families, businesses and generous individuals."

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