Join in on our chat with the seed and planting experts

Professior Stephen Adkins
Professior Stephen Adkins Supplied

We know there are more than a few of you have green thumbs, so coupled with our seeds giveaway, we've organised a Q&A with two of Queensland's foremost experts on the topic.  

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Dr Robyn Cave and Professior Stephen Adkins, both from the University of Queensland, have agreed to answer your gardening and seedling questions right here online.   

You can pick their brains 11:30am on Monday 22 September. Click on the link below to register for the chat so you can receive a friendly email reminder.  

Live Blog Seeds and gardening chat with Prof Adkins and Dr Cave
Dr Robyn Cave
Dr Robyn Cave University of Queensland

Professor Stephen Adkins from the University of Queensland is an expert in seed physiology and weed science. As part of the Kew Gardens  international "Seeds for Life"  program,  Professor Adkins has collected the seeds of more than 700 arid zone plants to create Queensland's first-ever germplasm collection.    

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