Jenny Hill offers a new perspective for Photo of the Day

Angels Beach, Ballina, through a glass orb.
Angels Beach, Ballina, through a glass orb. Jennifer Hill

JENNY HILL submitted this delightfully novel photo of Angels Beach at Ballina on The Northern Star Facebook page and it proved a great hit with readers, picking up 38% of the vote in our regular poll yesterday.

The photo is taken looking through a glass orb and has been turned upside down so the image through the orb appears right way up (you'll notice the blurred original scene around the orb is upside down).

The image was one of six that readers had to choose from yesterday with other images submitted by Rebecca Ludstrom, Tim Larkin, Rosie Kew, Roseanne Birmingham and Lynda Smith.

Photo of the Day is intended to highlight the beauty of the Northern Rivers and the talent of the region's photographers.

As well as appearing here, it is published on Page 2 of our print edition, is used as the cover photo on our Facebook page and forms part of an expanding gallery of images on our website, which you can see below.

To submit an image for Photo of the Day go to our Facebook page and share it.

For tomorrow's Photo of the Day we have three photos to choose from. Have a look on the poll below and pick your favourite.

Voting closes at noon.

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