Huxton Creepers head to Byron Bay.
Huxton Creepers head to Byron Bay. Supplied

Jeepers it's the Huxton Creepers

Huxton Creepers are back on the road after re-releasing their debut album 12 Days To Paris (1986).

After forming in 1984 and releasing two albums, the Melbourne rockers, including Rob Craw, Paul Thomas, Matthew Eddy and Archie Law disbanded in 1989.

The band has re-formed several times over the years but this tour may be their last.

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Twenty-five years on, why have you decided to re-release 12 Days To Paris?
The album had never been released on CD and we had a bunch of fantastic live stuff and demos, including some stuff we did with Lobby Loyde which had never been released.

We also did a show with the Stems in 2009 which was the first time we had played together for 15 years and it felt great. The fans loved it, so we thought about doing something together.

Fuse Records were keen to release the album and then we thought let's get out there and do an East Coast tour.

You're planning a 'gala' event at the album launches - tell me more...
If you ask us every Huxton Creepers gig is a gala spectacular.

What's going to make the Byron gig a gala spectacular is the fact we feel the shows are really cooking on this tour and we are also up in Byron with Ups and Downs who were, and are, a terrific band and we share a similar story with them from the '80s.

There's more planned for the night but you'll have to be there to find out.

The shows are likely to attract old fans - what would you say about yourselves to attract some new ones?
There are a lot of old fans who are getting out there to see the Creepers again which is fantastic. But there are a bunch of new fans coming along.

I think what's driving people along is the chance to see some great well- constructed pop songs played with a lot of energy in a show that really takes the audience with us on this trip.

Just from what I hear there is also a sense among the new fans of the influence the Creepers had on bands like Powderfinger and You Am I who came after us which is also getting people through the doors.

How do your shows differ now to what they were when you were first gigging in the '80s?
We still rock out and I feel we have the same energy (maybe more) and the band is probably tighter than we were in the '80s.

We are focusing on giving the fans the songs they want to hear which includes a lot of tunes from 12 Days as well as others from our other recorded stuff that is mixed up with a few faves from our favourite bands.

We also have less hair on stage these days.

What is your favourite gig of all time (yours/ or someone else's)?
I'll go with the Creepers favourite gig and it was probably when we supported the Ramones on their Australian Tour in 1989. We did the East Coast with the Ramones and they were amazing, so much energy, so much fun.

In particular we did a gig at Selinas where it was the Ramones, Creepers and Rat Cat which I remember as being an absolute blast; it must have helped us having a band like Rat Cat on before us as we turned in a fantastic show that was really well received by the fans there that night.

Then the Ramones were the Ramones…enough said. Greatest regret is I never got a photo of us hanging out with the Ramones and drinking Long Island Iced Teas with Joey Ramone in Brisbane.

Is this really a last hurrah or can we expect to see you again in the future, maybe with some new tracks?
I think this is probably the last time for the Creepers, but you never know, we are having the time of our lives on this tour so just maybe...

Huxton Creepers play the Byron Bay Brewery on Saturday, 8pm. Tickets $23 at the door or pre-sale from the venue.

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