Jealous lover gets jail

JAMES HENDERSON was 30 years older than his pregnant girlfriend when the green-eyed monster attacked.

Henderson, 53, from Nimbin, and his girlfriend argued while driving along Nimbin Road near Coffee Camp on December 22, 2008.

The middle-aged man accused his young lover of having sex with other men in the Nimbin area.

When Henderson stopped his car she got out intending to hitch-hike to Nimbin.

Crown facts state as she walked along the grass verge Henderson revved the car’s engine. She looked at his face and became terrified and ran towards a barbed wire fence.

As she tried to climb over the fence, Henderson drove his Commodore at her and she became trapped on the fence. He then pulled her off the fence.

Her wounds were treated at Lismore Base Hospital.

The next morning as the pair drove toward Nimbin he told her: “You’re going to die today.”

Henderson then forcibly removed her clothes saying: “This is your near death life experience.”

He placed a belt around her neck and dragged her to the middle of a bridge where he tried to push her off. He pulled her by the hair and held her over the bridge, demanding that she tell the truth about whether she had been cheating on him.

He pulled her back and allowed her to put a jumper on before getting back in the car.

As they passed Barkers Vale Public School she kicked the automatic gear lever into ‘park’ and pulled on the handbrake. She jumped out but Henderson caught her and dragged her back to the car.

They later stopped at a service station in Nimbin where the victim was able to tell staff to get help.

Henderson will serve at least three years in jail after being sentenced in Parramatta District Court to six years and six months. He was charged with using an offensive instrument (the Commodore) with intent to commit an assault; detaining the woman with intent to obtain psychological gratification and causing bodily harm; and assaulting Sergeant Mat Johnson at Nimbin.

Champion boxer Anthony Mundine gave character evidence at the sentencing.

On his expected release in late December 2011, Henderson will have to serve three-and-a-half years supervised parole.

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