Jazz purist Vince Jones passes on experience

JAZZ JIVE: Jazz artist Vince Jones performs at SCU as part of the Songwriting Workshops.
JAZZ JIVE: Jazz artist Vince Jones performs at SCU as part of the Songwriting Workshops. Marc Stapelberg

VINCE Jones wants Southern Cross University students to start the long and difficult search for integrity in their music and their art.

He believes that the great musicians of our past did not let the hindrance of economics dictate the integrity of their creations.


Southern Cross University is celebrating 10 years of esteemed guests at the APRA AMCOS song writing workshops at the SCU One29 studio and Vince Jones is the latest musical great to grace the stage.

Mr Jones said he would talk about songwriting and look at something other than the pop model.

He said he wanted to expose another model other than pop because music was not just about writing a successful song, but creating a piece of art.

"An artist should aspire to make art and it is not easy to do," he said.

"An artist can spend their whole life searching to make art.

"I look for those moments in every song.

"I've been offered $150,000 to do advertisements, and then I think to myself, 'Would Picasso do that?'"


Mr Jones indicated that the purist ethos of artists like Picasso inspired him and others to search for something that couldn't be found in a record executive's office.

"The one time I did do an advertisement for $100,000 I regretted it," he said.

"I like the word 'unite'.

"I like Bob Marley for that reason.

"I feel like what he was doing was getting very close to art and a large percentage of that was being able to unite people through his music.

"Music should not be driven by economics.

"I don't want to relegate the students to a life of poverty, but at this stage I would like to see them inject art into their work."

Mr Jones said that boundaries still needed to be pushed despite the newer freedoms that social platforms like YouTube offered.

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