Jailed for cowardly attack

THOMAS SINES was released from jail this week after serving six months for his role in a nasty punching and kicking assault of a 53-year-old Ballina man.

Sines, 20, a soccer coach of Ballina, was sentenced to 12 months’ jail on Monday, with a six-month non-parole term, after pleading guilty in the Lismore Local Court to assault and causing bodily harm to a 53-year-old man at Shaws Bay in Ballina on May 1 last year.

Magistrate Robyn Denes took into account that Sines had already spent six months in jail and ordered he be released, with the remainder of the sentence to be served under the supervision of Probation and Parole.

A co-offender, Bradley Dickson, then 18, who also stole the victim’s ute after the attack, was previously jailed. A 17-year-old youth who took an active part in the assault was dealt with earlier in the Children’s Court.

Crown facts before the court stated Sines and his two friends were walking past the man’s parked ute when one of them kicked its tailgate.

When the owner went looking for the culprits at Shaws Bay to confront them about the damage he was attacked.

Sines had then hit the ute saying ‘we’re going to get you from behind’. One of the other two offenders then struck the man behind his right ear knocking him to the ground.

When the victim got to his feet he was again knocked down by a blow to the back of his head. When he got back up on his knees he was struck down again, but did not see who did it.

Sines was ‘shaping up’ to him and when the man got up again Sines punched him on the nose and he fell on his back. The other two men then began kicking the victim while he lay injured on the ground.

When Sines got a piece of wood from the back of the ute the man hid in bushes. Sines walked away from the attack scene, but one of the other attackers stole the man’s ute.

Police said the ute was used to do ‘donuts’ on a soccer field at Saunders Oval and became bogged in the grass.

The victim’s injuries included a split lip, bruising around both eye sockets, bruises and grazes to his elbows and knees, and a sore jaw.

Defence lawyer Kylie Anderson-Clarke said her client was anxious to be released and start over again.

Ms Denes condemned the cowardly act of kicking someone while injured on the ground, saying in her view such offenders should go to jail.

She said that as an expectant father Sines had to be a good role model, which he could not be if he was in jail.

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