Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart

It's not easy being married to the Hot Rod

Penny Lancaster sometimes gets jealous when her husband Rod Stewart's female fans flirt with him.
The 45-year-old former model accepts her 71-year-old spouse is one of the world's most popular singers and women want to speak to him, but she does, on occasions, get an attack of the green-eyed monster especially if a particularly "gorgeous" younger lady shows too much interest in the 'Maggie May' hitmaker. 

During her appearance as a panellist on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Thursday, she said: "If I ever suffered with jealousy then I've certainly thrown myself in the deep end because so many women are always going up to Rod! They're like, 'I love you Rod. Can I have a picture?' 

"Most of the time everyone's very gracious about it and they say, 'Penny, sorry do you mind?' But there are occasions when they'll be this gorgeous blonde and she's younger and there's kind of jealousy there. But it's not something for me to worry about because we have such a good connection."

Penny is Rod's third wife and next year they will celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary making their union the rocker's longest. He was with his first wife Alana Hamilton for five years and second spouse Rachel Hunter for almost nine years.

Rod has eight children in total, including his youngest kids, Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five, with Penny and the statuesque blonde admits he hates being away from his two sons because he has been able to watch them grow up in a way he couldn't when he had children as a younger man.

Penny said: "They just have such a strong bond, mostly over football! Rod's got lots of children, and they're much older now but in the earlier days he really had to go out and work but now he has a choice where he doesn't have to work as much. 

"He's still got to get his income coming in so he does try to make those sacrifices, but we look at the schedule a year in advance and his schedule and the children's school holidays and try to match it up. It doesn't always work that way, but he hates being away from the boys."

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