Lismore Base Hospital.
Lismore Base Hospital. Marc Stapelberg

It's a hospital, not a five-star restaurant: Nurse hits back

A NURSE has called for people to be grateful for our healthcare system instead of complaining about "trivial stuff".

Corey James posted the comment on Facebook in response to The Northern Star's story about a man who was in a German prison camp during the Second World War, who said the food there was superior to meals served by Lismore Base Hospital.

"As a nurse it annoys me when people complain about trivial stuff," Corey wrote.

"Shouldn't we be grateful for the healthcare we have? The food isn't bad and they have to remember they're in hospital, not a five-star restaurant."

Here's what else you had to say about LBH's food:

Mezza Buckley: "I spent one week in LBH a couple years ago. In the old section just weeks before being demolished... it was clean, the staff were amazing. The food was bland but that's standard for hospital. The government needs to not waste oodles of cash on postal surveys and put more into hospitals. The poor staff are so overworked and under paid.

Carol Davey: "I recently spent one week in LBH. The menue had several different foods to choose from. Food was tasty and meals were hot. Nurses were wonderful. The story on today's Northern Star was a disgrace. I feel for any kitchen staff that read it. It is an insult to their hard work they put in every day.

Karen Lee: "Maybe if the managers, CEOs and numerous superfluous heads of depts weren't overpaid, there might be more money left over to actually spend on basic services for patients and staff."

Lois Rippon: "My father has spent five months in the base this year. Didn't see any silverfish or cockroaches and the food was ok. Let's face it, it's not a meant to be a resort."

Charlie Seagull: "I've had several visits to LBH and although the grub wasn't 5-star, it was fine."

John Robertson: "I spent a week there and the food was excellent."

Gail Rathborne: "I spent two weeks in LBH last year ... wasn't eating much ... but food was edible ... cleanliness could have been better. Nurses were great but severely overworked ... I hated having to use the call button."

Wes Norman: "I just got out of Lismore Base yesterday, and I was taken care of extremely well, everything looked clean. Admittedly the food wasn't restaurant quality, but wasn't all that bad. While I'm on the subject, I'd like to thank the staff who in my opinion looked after me with great diligence and care."

Carla Evans: "I was in Base for four days after the birth of my second child. I had wonderful staff ... looked after me and my new baby so well ... the food was so-so, but hey, it's food, it's edible, so who cares."

Molly Potter: "The staff are wonderful, but the food is disgusting and I would doubt there is anything nutritious about it. This is not a reflection on the people who work there, they work hard, I'm quite sure they don't think much of the food either."

Patricia Sheaff: "The nursing staff are short staffed, cleaning staff left a lot to be desired, food is a bit boring, but you eat what you order. I had some good meals, I did not see any cockroaches, silverfish or ants."

Dennis Pickford: "Twenty years ago I used to work in that kitchen. The food you ate was made that very day, now it was cooked two months ago, frozen and reheated. I guess the government has to save money somewhere."

Vaylira Terania Passionfruit: "Who cares, cockroaches are clean anyway. Maybe they should focus on more beds and nurses and not worry about insignificant animals that can survive a nuclear war."

Jenny Murphy: "The food in the hospital needs to be tasty and nutritious if people are expected to get better."

Dean Stanford: "Shame! Food is food, sometimes not what you like. I am grateful for every meal even if I don't enjoy it."

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