Isla Grant says goodbye

SCOTTISH-born singer songwriter Isla Grant returns to Australia for a farewell tour.

Born in Wigtownshire, Scotland, she grew up in a musical family and was greatly influenced by the folk music of her region.

She learned to play guitar and took an interest in American country music.

Grant found international success as a Scottish country singer, releasing numerous albums.

We spoke to Ms Grant ahead of the start of her Australian tour.

What can audiences expect from this farewell tour?

Well, they can expect some of the favourite songs and some brand new songs from my latest album, From the Heart.

I am really hoping they enjoy the new songs.

What will you do after the tour?

I suppose I'll get back and get some more songs written, spend time with my family and just relax.

Will you be releasing new music soon?

I have another two albums already written that have not been recorded yet so we will be releasing more albums, probably next year.

We try to release a new album every year.

It just depends if the time allows us to go into the studio.

Do you expect Australian audiences to embrace From the Heart?

I am hearing from radio stations that it has been accepted very well. I will have more of an idea when I am actually in front of the audience.

Do you connect with your fans via the internet?

Yes! They can write to me via my website and on Facebook.

How has the music business changed during your career?

It's easier because my promoter does most of the hard work. Back at the start we used to take our own music to the theatre and sell it ourselves.

It's also easier because I have my own record label so I can record the songs I want to, and with the musicians I want.

How has your songwriting changed over the years?

The songs change all the time as life progresses. Two or three years ago I wrote a song called It's Not Easy, written for anyone who is struggling to get through the hard times.

At Lismore City Hall on Thursday, October 8, from 7.30pm. $69. Bookings from 1300 066 772.

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