Kyogle mayor Danielle Mulholland.
Kyogle mayor Danielle Mulholland.

Is Lismore ready for a female candidate?

KYOGLE mayor Danielle Mulholland's Facebook page has been extremely active over the weekend, after a status was shared alluding to the prospect she may run for the seat of Lismore in the next state election.

Cr Mulholland's status read: "Is the Lismore electorate for a woman to be the State member?".

She said she thought it was time to ask the question to start to address the conversation of women in politics.

"I looked at the history of representation in the Lismore electorate and it has always been men, basically white middle aged men," Cr Mulholland said.

While referring to a report completed by Workplace Gender Equality Agency, Cr Mulholland said she was horrified by the gender workplace statistics in Australia.

"90.1% of women have attained a year 12 qualification or above compared to the 86.3% of men in the same bracket," Cr Mulholland said.

"But when you look at women in leadership, you've got women holding 14.2% of chair positions and 23.6% of directorships, that's not even a quarter in leadership."

"Even our pay packets you'll see the disparity in that document and it is quite horrifying."

Cr Mulholland said some people presumed because we are in 2017 a lot of the attitudes have died, but that is simply not the case.

"I know that people have put on my page about 'women don't need special treatment', 'we are sick of hearing about this' but the reality is women are more educated but are less likely to get executive positions," Cr Mulholland.

"We can identify the statistics but lets identify the barriers, what are the barriers for women to step up into those roles."

"It could be cultural, it could be because women generally get pregnant and have children so there is a big gap between when they start their family and when they return to work and that can have an impact on their career."

While the status looks like Cr Mulholland will stick her hand up, she said it is still too early to say.

"It's too far away I couldn't possibly make a decision at this point, I know there are quite a few people putting their hand up and I wish them the best of luck," she said.

"I just wanted to start the ball rolling around talking about women in politics and women in leadership positions."

"I think it is a disturbing trend and I think it is a trend we need to address by having that conversation."

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