Is it too late for Australia our mate?


What has happened to our precious Australia?

Have we sold out on her and become a failure?

We sell off her beautiful land, so our politician’s pockets may expand.

For so many years all we did was rape and pillage, so, so much since we were a tiny village.

If only white man when he first come, had learnt to cherish and respect her just as the traditional owners had done.

We would now not be facing all this strife, but instead we are fighting for her vibrance and her life.

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

I think if she could speak at her peak, it would be a scream, “We have to come together as a team!”

Our land and its people must jump this steeple.

We need to stand tall to prevent a never ending fall.

This may be our only chance to make a meaningful, lasting stance.

We must protect her beauty from the few who see her as a pirate’s booty.

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

We have to look after her amazing features, or there is a chance we will lose her many unique creatures.

We need to admire and honour her nature, or we risk becoming just a desolate fascia.

Foolishly we gamble with her crystal clear water and if we pollute it, it will surely be our own slaughter.

How could they endanger the source of why we live?

When it does so much for us and all it does is give.

Why do they risk it all for short term financial gain?

When deep down they know this may lead to irreversible environmental pain?

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

How could a government turn their back on the Aussie farmer?

Obviously, they don’t believe in karma.

These hard working people produce a food for a nation, whilst the pollies only worry about monetary inflation.

One is trying to make a living off the land and the other is trying to get the most money in the hand.

How can they think the system they created is fair?

When a land owner can’t say no to these single minded people who don’t care.

I guess the top dogs are too concerned with their upcoming vacation, rather than what may be our countries devastation.

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

We now have the technology to make our energy sustainable, instead we keep mining a resource that is not maintainable.

Why do we not move towards a renewable energy source?

Oh that’s right, it’s all about how much money they can make, of course.

She gives us naturally all the power we need, instead all we can rely on is human greed.

We must stop her senseless destruction, so she has a chance to eternally function.

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

We need to start making a stand for this almighty wonderful land.

It needs to be now and we all know how.

We need to be freed from this corporate greed.

We all have a voice to make a choice.

We all know what is right and that our great country is worth the fight.

Is it too late for Australia, our mate?

I think not, I reckon we still have a shot.

Standing as one must be the city and the country folk, or these selfish politicians will merely see us as a joke.

All of us Australians must unite, as there’s no time for these greedy people to see the light.

We must save her from this CSG mining penetration, not only for us, but the next generation.

At least we can look at our children in the eye and know that we are not just in it for a finger in the pie.

I want this majestic homeland to be admired by my son, so I know this mighty battle can and must be won!!!


Bart Waller.

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