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How young women are creating a mental health movement

AFTER a traumatic event that left Kate* sleep deprived and struggling with mental health issues, she decided to launch a movement 

Kate said that the day after her first abortion, The Lunatique, was created. 

The Lunatique is a social platform for women struggling through mental, emotional or physical issues in their lives.

The Lunatique: Source: Supplied. Artist: splytmylk
The Lunatique: Source: Supplied. Artist: splytmylk

Kate said after weeks of no sleep she had an extremely vivid dream

"I was sitting inside a cafe on my laptop scrolling through my website... the title "The Lunatique" was at the top of the page in big pink letters and it looked like a chat room / forum for women to speak about their troubles and experiences in life," she said.

She woke up, created a website and social media accounts with the name that featured in her dream, and started to share her mental and personal struggles online.

People started listening.

"I didn't really think much of it until people started to message me, email me, call me, telling me how much they needed to hear about my story and how it helped them through their own struggles," Kate* said.

"Now I have over two thousand followers. I've just done my first workshop in Perth and now I'm currently working on some cool things to bring out for summer 2018 to 2019."

Today is International Day of the Girl, which falls in Mental Health Week. 

Women are powerful, incredible beings. They are the essence of life itself but according to Beyond Blue, mental health is a huge issue for women.

One in five women in Australia will experience depression and one in three women will experience anxiety during their lifetime.

More than ever before, women are taking a stand, speaking up, creating change and coming together to support one another through their hardships.

The Lunatique and movements like it hope to grab the walls that society has built around challenging topics and break them to the ground.

Women share stories, give tips and support one another on topics from abortions, eating disorders to relationships and self-love. Anything that affects a woman.

Statistics from Liptember Foundation revealed suicide was the leading cause of death for Australian women aged 18 to 34 and up to 90% of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa cases occur in women.

Kate said she believed self-love was vital for women today.

"I believe that self-love is the strongest healing tool we have, yet not many of us seem to have the ability to access this tool in times of need. If your mind-body-spirit connection is out of alignment then the rest of your life will be the same," Kate said.

"It's not weak to speak, and that's what I'm trying to get across to people. Opening up about your issues is the best thing you can do, it opens your heart to healing from others and yourself…it may also prompt someone else to speak up if they are suffering.

"You could quite literally save someone's life by asking the simple question "how are you" and mean it."

The power that women have is infinite and together they are even stronger. 

The Lunatique is a perfect example of how the power of social media can be used for good.

The more we talk about mental health issues in our everyday conversations, the less likely of an issue it will be. 

Yes, this week is Mental Health week and it is International Day of the Girl today, but let's try to make mental health apart of our everyday conversations. 

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