Instant, low-care greenery for your home

Beautiful made-to-measure wall murals featuring garden landscapes are available from
Beautiful made-to-measure wall murals featuring garden landscapes are available from

IF YOU love greenery, you're probably always thinking about how to get it indoors.

House plants are lovely but can be tricky. Making sure they have just the right potting mix, amount of water and light is critical. Sometimes, that Boston fern or maidenhair can become a casualty.

That's why we love these beautiful made-to-measure wall murals, from, that bring the outdoors indoors. This garden wallpaper will allow you to enjoy a beautiful summer garden all year long.

Choose from a large range of photography and illustrations of garden landscapes, flowers and famous locations to fill your home with the beauty and positivity that greenery and the outdoors brings. The collection contains a mural for every type of garden lover, including English country gardens, Oriental pavilions, colourful landscapes and paintings by artists from around the world.

The wall murals are all made-to-measure to fit any wall in any home, and are supplied in panels just like wallpaper. They're available in three different materials, including an easy to install "peel and stick” material that doesn't require any wallpaper paste.

Prices start from $54sq m, with an in-house design studio available to create bespoke artwork and customisation.

To view the entire collection, go to

Budget gardening

WITH the warmer weather here, you are probably itching to do more planting in your vegetable garden.

But, stop. A bit of planning can save money and mean you have more produce to enjoy from your hard work. Here's some ideas:

  • Only plant what you know you will eat. Will you really love that curly kale or kohlrabi?
  • Make sure you plant seeds or seedlings at the right time of the year. If they don't like the weather conditions they either won't sprout, or won't survive. You can cheat with a greenhouse. Check out
  • Start with seeds, rather than seedlings. Yes, they take longer but are much cheaper and you have a bigger choice of organic seeds from somewhere like
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch to prevent heat shock as well as reduce water use. Sugar cane mulch is good.
  • Buy a compost bin and make your own compost. Just layer garden clippings, dry leaves, kitchen vegetable scraps, shredded paper and a dash of soil and turn often.
  • Swap plants and produce with friends or join a gardening club and get cuttings and seedlings from other members.

Got leftover chillies? try drying them and making your own chilli spray to use on the likes of aphids and scale.
Got leftover chillies? try drying them and making your own chilli spray to use on the likes of aphids and scale. photomaru

DIY bug spray

Making your own pest spray is a good way to reduce chemicals in the garden and to save money.



½ cup of dishwashing liquid

1 cup cooking oil

6 large dried chillies


For the white oil, put the dishwashing liquid and cooking oil in a jar, screw lid back on and then shake really well to mix.

Using a mortar and pestle or a food processor, crush the dried chillies really, really well*. Add to the white oil and shake well. Leave the mixture to stew for a couple of days - the more, the better - in order to make it really potent.

Mix one teaspoon of the mixture per litre of water and spray on plants.

  • Make sure you crush the chilli seeds too, otherwise they will block the nozzle of your spray bottle or the shower rosette of your watering can.

Source: Isobel Rodgers

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