Inspired by Riverdance

IRISH dancing is, as the name would suggest, a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland, known for its rapid leg and foot movements, while the body and arms are kept largely stationary.

Irish dancing came to international fame with the release of the world-famous show Riverdance in 1994.

One person heavily influenced by Riverdance was Fingal Ross of the Lismore School of Irish Dance.

"When I first saw Riverdance, that was when I first got into Irish dancing," she says.

"There is that wow factor that comes with this type of hard-shoe dancing."

Fingal has been dancing for more than 12 years and teaching at Lismore School of Irish Dance for about four.

"There are about 10 kids in the class, aged between six to 12, and we take older kids and ladies as well," she says.

"It's great for their confidence as we encourage them to perform. We perform at aged care facilities and the residents really love it.

"It's great for the girls as well because it helps prepare them for bigger performances like St Patrick's Day and competitions."

"It is also great for their fitness, co-ordination, fun and friendship," Fingal says.

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