Upper Coopers Ck inspection plates for landslip road smashed

BYRON Shire Council has reported that glass plates used to measure land movement at Upper Coopers Creek may have been purposely smashed.

A regular landslip inspection discovered three glass plates installed to show if there was movement at the landslip site had cracked.

However, Byron Shire Council's executive manager of community infrastructure, Phil Holloway, said a report from the engineers had suggested that the cracks had been caused from above the ground and not from below.

Mr Holloway said cracks on the top of the plates suggested that they had been purposely smashed.

The council will continue to investigate, and at this stage the road will remain open.

The glass plates are a vital component in determining whether the road can remain open as they show landslip movement.

The damaged plates will be replaced but the council has called on the community to report any suspicious behaviour at the site immediately.

Groundwater levels in the observation bores have returned to pre-rainfall event levels.

Planning documentation on the road reconstruction design and environmental studies continues to progress, along with planning for the temporary road.

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