19-week pregnant Selena Whittaker suffered a broken leg after slipping on a repaired part of the Nimbin Pool.
19-week pregnant Selena Whittaker suffered a broken leg after slipping on a repaired part of the Nimbin Pool. Jay Cronan

Injuries shut swimming pool

AT A time when she should be excited about the birth of her first child, Nimbin woman Selena Whittaker, 19, is instead worried she may be left permanently disabled after slipping over in Nimbin pool.

She also has concerns for her unborn child.

On Sunday, October 30, Ms Whittaker stepped into the pool to take her friend's six-month-old baby for a swim.

She only took two steps when she slipped on a section of the pool which had recently been repaired with a filler product which made the surface incredibly slippery.

Ms Whittaker said she had been swimming in Nimbin pool all her life, but was unaware the recent repairs were hazardous. Landing on her side, she broke her right leg in three places and badly grazed herself.

"I managed to protect the baby," Ms Whittaker said, but the pain she felt was "horrendous."

She was rushed to Lismore Base Hospital by ambulance where her dislocated leg was pushed back into place while she was conscious.

She then underwent surgery during which a steel plate and nine screws were put into her ankle.

She now requires ongoing physiotherapy twice a week and is worried about whether she will ever be able to walk properly.

Despite her own suffering, Ms Whittaker said she was more worried about her unborn baby who as a result of the accident had been exposed to a number of very strong drugs, including morphine and a general anaesthetic.

Clearly traumatised by her ordeal, she said she now just wanted to put it behind her and focus on becoming a mother.

Ms Whittaker said her mother had reported the incident to the council on Monday, October 31, but the pool was not closed until Thursday, November 10.

Nimbin woman Sian Evans said she saw three people slip and hurt themselves at the pool in just one day when she was there last week.

However, Lismore City Council manager of assets Scott Turner said the council acted to close the pool when it became aware of a second incident in which someone was hurt after slipping.

It had also met with Ms Whittaker at the pool to try to identify the problem.

Mr Turner said there had been a misunderstanding between the manufacturer of the filler product and the contractor which carried out the repair work.

Council has since been advised the product is only for use on small cracks and not large areas, as it was used at Nimbin.

The council has removed the filler and final repairs are being carried out today.

It is expected the pool will re-open early next week.

Mr Turner said the council was sorry for what had happened to Ms Whittaker and wished her a speedy recovery.


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