Waves are there, but you might be better to give it a miss

THAT system in the Coral Sea has certainly stirred things up as it drifted down south towards The Tasman, the wind, rain and swell just keep on coming.

There's been some amazing waves up the Gold Coast, the Coolangatta points have been firing all week.

Yet our region however has not been quite so good.

Seeing as we're closer to the source of this system, we've had a lot of short lumpy swell, and some pretty radical winds and currents along with it which has been messing things up at most places.

Granted if you timed it right there were waves to be had.

But we really need it all to settle just a little to get the best of it.

If all goes well this weekend is when we'll reach the tail end of this complex system and get some cleaner waves.

Saturday is likely to be bigger, but still pushing through this lumpy short period wind swell for most of the day.

It's on Sunday that we may see the change. It could be a little smaller as this intense low pressure system drifts off towards NZ.

But the swell itself will be have travelled a little further by then before it reaches us.

It will have a swell period of one to two seconds longer. Which should be just long enough to finely tidy up some of the lumps and bumps that we've experiencing all week.

Saturday: Winds S/SW 12-18kts with a short period wind swell from the E/SE 2.5-3.5m (8-10secs)

Sunday: Winds SW/SE 10-15kts. Swell E/SE 2-2.5m (9-12secs) not long period but hopefully long enough to be a little cleaner.

There have been strong currents and lot of water moving with this swell.

Plus due to the short period agitating movement of large closely stacked wind swell, our sandbanks are on the move.

This means rips and currents where you might not expect them and possible sandbank collapses.

This really is not a weekend for the inexperienced. So if in doubt, leave it out.

Remember to have fun and wait your turn.

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