Man punches bouncer

DARREN CUMMINS and Mike Tyson have two things in common: They’ve both hit people, and they’ve both been in trouble with the law.

However, Byron Bay Magistrate Roger Prowse yesterday noted a critical difference – the American boxer was good at hitting people while the 36-year-old Sydney tradesman, who got stroppy with bouncers when told to leave a Byron pub, wasn’t.

Cummins fronted Byron Bay Local Court yesterday charged with two counts of assault and with one of refusing to leave the Beach Hotel when a bouncer told him to go last September.

Police facts before the court said Cummins’ ire was raised when a bouncer told him he had been cut off from the bar because he was drunk.

Cummins argued and the bouncer ordered him out. That just made Cummins angrier and prompted him to punch the bouncer on the jaw with both fists.

A second bouncer intervened, grabbing Cummins in a bear-hug, but the Sydney man struggled free and hit him on the eyebrow before a group of bouncers took him out to see police out the front of the pub.

Cummins’ solicitor told the court his client denied punching the bouncers, instead claiming he hit or shoved them with an open hand.

But Mr Prowse wasn’t buying that line.

“If you expect me to believe that, you have another think coming,” Mr Prowse said.

“Here you are filled up with fuel and thinking you are Mike Tyson and you’re not. You haven’t done it before, and if you had you would have been in front of the courts before.

“Now you’ve had your very unprofessional launch into a boxing or wrestling career I suggest you stick to the things you are good at.”

Mr Prowse placed Cummins on a 12-month good behaviour bond and fined him $700.

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