COLOURED sand is expertly and patiently placed in an intricate design put together for the first time in Lismore over a week.

The design is called a mandala, a circle of harmony in Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

The mandala is a two-dimensional representation to the Buddha of healing.

Yoga instructor and Tibetan Buddhist Anne McGhee is hosting four Tibetan monks working on the Mandala at her Yoga space in 131 Keen St.

Venerable Lhundrup, Venerable Shakya, Venerable Tenpa and Venerable Dakpa are the four monks from Sera Mey monastery, located in an area known as Bylakuppe, south of India.

The senior monks will take their final examinations in a couple of years to become a Geshe, the equivalent of a doctor in Tibetan culture.

A Geshe studies 18 hours a day for 23 years to master Buddhism medicine, philosophy, religion and science.

The general public is invited to visit the monks during the day between 9am and 4.30pm free of charge, to watch them chant, work and interact with them, or just simply contemplate and meditate.

After a week of patient labour and chanting started last Sunday, the monks will destroy the mandala at 4.30pm on Saturday.

The sand will be then carried in a procession down Magellan St to be scattered into the river.

"The idea is to signify impermanence and our attachment to things. By doing this they are showing loss of attachment, which is a big lesson for us."

On Saturday night, from 6pm, the monks will also celebrate Lama Tongkapa Day, a Tibetan Buddhist holiday with a puja ceremony consisting in chanting and meditation.

"Please just come and be in the presence, it is very healing, especially people suffering any illnesses," Mrs McGhee said.

After completing their mandala in Lismore, the monks will visit the Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

The monks are fundraising to build a new temple at Sera Mey monastery.

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