Improve your health by creating better workplace habits

WITH the new work year having begun, Medibank is encouraging everyone to introduce better workplace habits in 2016 for the benefit of their health and wellbeing.

According to Medibank research1, 72% of Australians identify employee health and wellbeing as one of the three most important elements for a good workplace, and more than one in four express concerns about the impact of their work environment on their personal health.

Medibank Medical Director, Dr Kevin Cheng, says there are a number of simple ways Australians can improve their health and wellbeing - and performance and productivity - while at work.

"Each and every year, we see Aussies make a plethora of New Year's resolutions focused on fitness and health, yet most are based on dieting or exercise regimes," Dr Cheng said.

"With more than half of our waking day spent at work - it's important to consider how we can better our health during this time too," said Dr Cheng.

Dr Cheng has outlined some top tips to improve health and wellbeing while at work:

  • Snack mindfully and eat well: Bringing your own snacks and lunch to work can help you control the type of food you eat. If you find it hard to find time to make lunch, aim to at least bring healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts to maintain energy and concentration while at work.
  • Alternate your environment: Introduce standing desks or think about taking a walking meeting with colleagues. colleagues, a standing brainstorm or even taking the long-route to the printer or water cooler.
  • Take a break: Try and take a walk-break every hour, stand up when you're making a phone call, and don't forget your lunch break!.
  • Stay hydrated to keep concentration and energy levels up.

"By implementing healthy habits in the workplace, Australians will be able to reduce sick leave, stress levels as well as protect themselves from prolonged injuries and chronic pain," Dr Cheng said.

"Improving your health and wellbeing is a lifestyle change, and that means changing your habits during your personal time as well as at work.

"At Medibank, we've introduced a number of initiatives to support employees' health and wellbeing.

"For example, we have an activity-based office environment which encourages people to alternate between sitting and standing desks, and our internal stairs certainly get a lot of use."

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