Level 3 water restrictions are in place for Nimbin.
Level 3 water restrictions are in place for Nimbin.

IMMEDIATE CHANGE: Level 3 water restrictions for Nimbin

WATER restrictions in Nimbin have been raised to Level 3 from Level 2, as part of a number of new water-saving measures introduced by Lismore City Council with immediate effect.

From next week private water carriers will no longer have access to water sourced from Nimbin’s water supply in Mulgum Creek.

Lismore Council and Rous Council will also begin installing public water access stations next week in other areas of the district.

These public fill taps will be open to anyone, except for private contractors, for up to a maximum of 3000 litres.

The council’s director for infrastructure services, Peter Jeuken, said the tough new restrictions were necessary as the expected water savings under Level 2 were not being achieved.

“These new tougher measures are needed because water consumption in Nimbin remained unchanged under Level 2 restrictions and with the long-term forecast showing little signs of consistent rainfall, they are now crucial,” he said.

“If the new Level 3 restrictions does not reduce consumption, we will be forced to implement Level 4 restrictions which are very tough and include no watering of gardens, even with a bucket.

“We are also actively investigating other options such as bores to ensure Nimbin has a reliable water supply.”

Nimbin’s water supply is sourced from Mulgum Creek and is operated by the council.

The water supply for the rest of Lismore Local Government Area is sourced from Rocky Creek Dam and is operated by Rous County Council.

Rous County Council last weekend introduced Level 1 water restrictions for all areas in the Lismore Local Government Area, excluding Nimbin.

Under Level 3 water restrictions, Nimbin residents can:

  • Use watering cans or buckets on established gardens at any time.
  • Hand-held hoses with an on-off nozzle can only be used to water gardens for a maximum of 10 minutes, between the hours of 4pm and 9am, on odd or even days matching your house number.
  • Other irrigation, such as sprinklers, and unattended hoses are banned.
  • Filling of new swimming pools is permitted only to reduce structural damage between 4pm and 9am using a hand-held house with one-off nozzle.
  • Top up of fountains and water features is not permitted except to maintain fish life.
  • Washing of driveways, paved areas, walls, windows, roofs and paths not permitted except for health and safety reasons by a registered cleaning business only.
  • Washing of cars permitted with efficient high-pressure, low-flow rate cleaners with trigger control for five minutes between 4pm and 9am on odd and even days matching your house number.

For water hints and tips, and a fact sheet please go to the council’s webpage www.lismore.nsw.gov.au

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