'I'm going to f--- your life': Driver rages at cyclist

ANOTHER violent incident has occurred on an Australian road, this time in Summer Hill in Sydney's inner-west, where a cyclist was knocked off his bike.

The altercation between the cyclist and a man driving a ute happened on Grosvenor Crescent after the pair almost collided.

A witness told 9 News the driver followed the cyclist and knocked him off, before stopping the car, picking up the bike and throwing it to one side.

The driver was captured on video walking over to the cyclist, who yelled "man, what the f***? Why'd you do that for? Why did you do that?".

The driver told him: "I'm Lebanese mate...I'm going to f*** you. I'm going to f*** your life you son of a b****".

The driver continued to yell loudly which caused the cyclist to ask: "What the hell, man? What the f***?" Why are you so angry?".

Perhaps aware the episode was being filmed, the driver screamed: "Now call the cops you f***wit!...You call the cops. Take a picture."

The damaged bike on the road, left, and right, The ute driver talks to media about the road rage incident.
The damaged bike on the road, left, and right, The ute driver talks to media about the road rage incident.

The ute driver told media this morning he was not a violent person and insisted he didn't provoke the incident.

"I didn't hit him and then he got in front of me and he started driving slowly and sticking his finger up. And then he took off - braked - and I was rolling in traffic and I hit his back tyre."

He conceded the situation wasn't right, but said he wasn't a violent person.

New South Wales Police are investigating.

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