Illegal parties opposed

CRANKY Bungawalbin residents subjected to 48 hours of loud music from an illegal doof party last weekend are planning a community meeting to combat the problem.

According to residents, who have asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution, the rate of illegal parties in their area has been on the increase in recent months and this time the ‘thumping’ music went non-stop for two days and could be heard up to 20 kilometres away.

The party attracted about 400 revellers to the Bungawalbin Whiporie Road site on the edge of the Bungawalbin National Park about 12 kilometres west of New Italy.

Ballina police confirmed they did attend the illegal event after receiving numerous complaints on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Inspector Paul Fredericks said police were working in conjunction with the National Parks and Wildlife Service to investigate the party.

“We have identified the person responsible for the function and further action will be considered,” he said.

“Police organised a mini traffic operation in response to the event which resulted in three PCA offences and a number of traffic infringement notices being issued.”

NPWS officer Mark Pitavino said the issue was becoming a serious concern.

“We are looking into it for breaches of our regulations and are co-operating with Forests NSW and the police,” he said.

“These events can cause a lot of damage. Usually there is a lot of litter left behind and the vegetation gets trampled.”

Ute and truck smash on highway

CRASH RESCUE: At 2am on Sunday the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter was called out to a crash involving a ute colliding with a truck on the Pacific motorway near Brunswick Heads.

Pacific Highway blocked after ute and truck smash

Ferry return to service delayed

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Service will not resume as expected

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