Pause, I've Got You: A poem for those struggling

;IGY Poem
;IGY Poem

HI my name is Aaron,

I started and am the Admin for the Facebook group ;IGY (Pause, I've Got You).

;IGY with the help of its 4000 members raises awareness for people battling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Whats the meaning behind ;IGY?

When an author writes a sentence and is at the point of ending it, but wants to continue, they can use a semicolon.

It creates a pause. Almost like a thought, a reconsideration of the cessation of a sentence, or in this case, your life.
;IGY stands for...Pause, I've Got You (ill support you if you need me).

The colours that we use also carry a meaning. 
TEAL is for PTSD awareness, 
BLACK is for the heavy hearts that many of us carry, those who suffer from PTSD and those who have lost loved ones to suicide because of PTSD,
RED is a symbol of the blood that has been shed.

So when you combine it all together is a way of saying that if you are thinking about taking your life, PAUSE it is not time to end, I've got you and will help you through it and stand by your side.

If you ever see someone wearing it know that they will help you.

 A few people have it tattooed on them.

It is usually on the right arm so that when they reach out and shake someones hand it is easily viewable.

I would like this to be the case with the Calming Beads and well.

It will strike up a conversation and hopefully help someone in need. 

As not everyone is thrilled with the idea of getting a tat I started to think of the ideas to encompass the idea.

So I've designed the Calming Beads with a few pertinent points.

1. The beads are natural Howlite crystal that has been dyed Turquoise/Teal. 

2. The 5 larger beads in the middle of the Calming Beads represent ;IGY.

3. The Lotus Flower that tightens the beads I chose it because it is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean.

4. The Red Bead is there for when we get a little stressed, anxious or nervous. As the bead drapes naturally into the hand, the red bead comes in contact with your palm, squeeze the bead, close your eyes, feel your body in the surroundings and breathe..count 3sec in through the nose, count 4sec out through the mouth.

We raise awareness by wearing the "Calming Beads" and the proceeds go to beyondblue and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service.

Kindly numerous Businesses and Local Markets have offered free space on shelves and stalls to assist in the distribution of the Calming Beads but in order to do this we need financial support for marquees, stock, and signage so I set up a gofundme page to assist, I hope you can help so we can expand the awareness and support.

The other night I was on the page and I asked members if they wanted to help me write a poem about PTSD there were about 10 of us online at the time so we started brainstorming.

Line by line we started building this poem until eventually I felt we had enough to write the poem.
The attached picture is what we came up with.

I hope you like it.



GROUP: ;IGY (Pause, I've Got You) PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Awareness and Support 4,930 members


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