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If we could talk to the animals

YOU might not be able to see them, but Scott Alexander King believes we all have animals over our heads.

The Mullumbimby man has been able to see these creatures since he was just eight-years-old and now helps people improve their lives by showing them how to 'live like the animals'.

No, he doesn't mean roll around in the mud like a pig.

The mystic and psychic medium is a practitioner of 'Earth medicine' and the author of Animal Dreaming and Animal Messenger. He believes we can learn a lot from animals, such as how to live our lives free of fear and with compassion.

He will be one of the guest speakers at the Art of Healing Wellness Seminar to be held at Byron Bay on July 12.

“Animals have precise and clear messages which are easy to integrate into our lives,” Mr King said.

“It is the symbolic qualities of the animals which we can draw on; for example, snake is about shedding and releasing the past, cat is about women and healing of the womb, worm helps with detachment and segregation.”

As a former primary school teacher, Mr King integrated animal healing into his teaching style.

He has dedicated the past couple of years of his life to learning from the animals and teaching others how to do the same.

Steve Alexander King discussing his animal theory

Mr King said he relied heavily on his feelings and intuition. However, he also studied myths and legends of different cultures, and spent time learning from cultural elders.

“We can ask the animals to help us,” Mr King said.

“If you're stuck on something or have a problem, sit somewhere quiet and ask a question.

“Then watch for an animal that presents itself in an unusual way three times.

“Look at that animal and its different qualities and learn from it.”

The one-day Wellness Seminar, which is being organised by The Art of Healing magazine, that also features a presentation by Andrew and Lillian Reekie. The seminar will also inform participants on how children with behavioural disorders could be helped without on-going medication.

Andrew and Lillian Reekie's child was diagnosed with a behavioural disorder.

In their seminar, they will go into some depth regarding the dangers presented by food colourings and preservatives, and suggest ways self-esteem can be improved in children of all ages.

Other speakers at the event will include Carla von Lossberg, a consultant in nutritional and environmental medicine, who will discuss nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The seminar will be held at the Byron Bay Services Club. Early bird tickets are $50, or $65 at the door. Proceeds will go to the Uncle Project.

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