'I thought about asking them for change'

The letter also offered the mum the chance to negotiate payments of the debt
The letter also offered the mum the chance to negotiate payments of the debt

IT'S the letter nobody wants to receive from Centrelink.

"You have been overpaid. We are, therefore, required to recover this amount."

"Oh God!" you think. "I didn't realise! Will I have to sell my house? I don't own a house! Why did I spend my house savings eating all that smashed avo on toast?"

Kerry King, a mother-of-two from Victoria, received this letter from Centrelink, Mamamia reports.

But amusingly enough, the letter went on to say: "Our records show you have a debt of $0.02 and you have not made an arrangement to repay this debt.

"We would prefer to settle this matter without taking action."

That's right. Centrelink sent this woman a big scary letter to inform her she had a whopping TWO CENT tax debt to pay off.

Way to spread that Christmas cheer early guys.

Kerry, being the upstanding Aussie taxpayer she is, was not about to ignore it. She sent the letter back to them paying her treacherous debt in full, in the form of cold hard cash.

Yep. That's an old two-cent coin taped to the original letter.

"I was contemplating sending them a five cent piece and asking for the change," she joked to Mamamia.

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