Husband’s plea to ‘save my wife’ battling breast cancer

Jon and Tanya Rein.
Jon and Tanya Rein.

A SUNSHINE COAST husband has made an impassioned plea for help to save his young wife and mother of three who is battling a rare form of breast cancer.

The Rein family's world came crashing down on August 3 when mum Tanya was diagnosed with multiple masses stage 3 - invasive ductal carcinoma.

Her husband Jon Rein said the devastating diagnosis filled the family's "happy little bubble with shock, fear and an unknown future".

Mrs Rein underwent a full mastectomy of her left breast and 37 lymph nodes were removed.

"What the doctors failed to tell us was that a major nerve had to be cut and that she would also now going to suffer from lymphedema," Mr Rein said.

The Rein family.
The Rein family.

The breast cancer battle has taken a considerable toll on the Rein family's life with the couple self-employed battling to make ends meet.

"As we work in the trade industry we had income protection for myself but it doesn't cover my wife getting cancer," Mr Rein explained.

"We rely on each other for our income, I am the brawn and she is the brains.

"Cancer is already taking a toll on our life, the bills are already mounting up from missed work and our journey has only just begun."

Mrs Rein was told she would face six months of intense chemotherapy, radiation and five-10 years of hormone blockers.

Young mum Tanya Rein is battling stage 3 breast cancer.
Young mum Tanya Rein is battling stage 3 breast cancer.

But before that happens, the family has decided to try natural therapies, inspired by other amazing cancer survivors.

However, Mr Rein said the hardest part of that path was that they were "on their own withy absolutely no support, financially or emotionally".

"That is where I plead with the good community," he said.

"I love my wife beyond words, there is nothing I want more than to be able to provide her with an environment in which she can rest full of organic nutrient rich food.

"To lose her would be more than I can bare.

"To know this woman you would have to understand she has the biggest heart, she always puts others before herself and has spent a lot of time raising money and helping others in need.

"All the time never expecting a thing in return. If karma was a thing, now is the time to help her in return. "

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