Byron Bay’s Jesse Amos (right) would like to set up a
Byron Bay’s Jesse Amos (right) would like to set up a "disc golf" course in Ballina, and Cr Jeff Johnson is taking the idea to this week’s Ballina Shire Council meeting.

New sport takes Australia by storm

BYRON Bay man Jesse Amos has thrown an idea to Ballina to set up a new sport.

And it's all to do with the humble frisbee.

Jesse, 33, has been playing golf using frisbees - the sport is called disc golf - since he was a teenager.

He has enlisted the support of Cr Jeff Johnson to look into setting up a permanent disc golf course in Ballina.

Jesse said Bicentennial Garden on the outskirts of town was the ideal spot as the treed area provided natural "fairways" and challenges for a disc golf course.

Disc golf is played by simply throwing a frisbee through to a "hole" which is a basket set up above the ground.

As in golf, each hole has a par and, when taken more seriously, the disc golfers can be given a handicap.

The professional players will have different discs for, to use golf terms, teeing off, chipping and putting.

But Jesse said disc golf was a family sport anyone of any age could play, and it could cost as little as $10 to buy a frisbee.

"Let's get people and families back in to our parks which are currently being underused," he said.

"Growing up in America, I've seen first hand the benefits and success of having disc golf parks, and feel it's something our Australian culture and way of life can really use and enjoy.

"it's a one-off low cost for installation and literally zero ongoing maintenance."

The sport has its own association, the Australian Disc Golf Association, which organises national championships.

At tomorrow's Ballina Shire Council meeting, Cr Johnson will ask council to investigate establishing a disc golf course at Bicentennial Garden.

"Disc golf, while not very established in Australia, is a popular international sport," he said.

"A disc golf course could be established at Bicentennial Garden at very little cost and would be a great use of an under-utilised park."

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