Being an internationally successful rock star often leads to unwanted attention.

Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale has not escaped this quandary.

Enjoying a Sunday afternoon at a club in Brisbane in July, Stockdale was famously arrested after taking to the stage for a rendition of the Beatles hit Let It Be.

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Unfortunately for Stockdale, the manager didn't want to follow the advice of the song's lyric.

Stockdale was fined $350 for being drunk and disorderly and removed from the building.

When he talks to Pulse, he clarifies his version of events.

"The whole situation was magnified beyond proportion," he says through laughter.

"I went in to that place; I had a few drinks on a Sunday afternoon. I actually sang three or four songs with this dude and he was really getting into it. It was just the manager who didn't like it.

"Maybe it was just the bad vibes in the place, but it all went downhill from there. I was like 'Okay, I'll stay away from the stage area'.

"If the charge was for being drunk then, yes, I was definitely drunk. Guilty as charged."

Stockdale says he shrugs off the extra attention, but when visiting his parents he feels like a 10-year-old boy again.

"I think it just makes my parents worry," he says.

Wolfmother are heading to Byron Bay next week, but it wasn't too long ago Stockdale performed on The Northern's stage as part of the Sea Shepherd fundraiser.

Although he had a jam with Ash Grunwald and Spiderbait's Kram, he spent his set alone on stage.

"I don't know what happened but I was sweating like a dog," he says. "It was nice to strip it back to just a guitar and a beat. I think now I'm more grateful for the band."

When he returns to Byron Bay he will have the full band to back him up. And they'll be testing out a few new tracks from their upcoming album.

The album has been recorded at Stockdale's home studio and he says it has a heavier blues feel than the band's previous self-titled album (2004) and Cosmic Egg (2009).

"There's a lot of the classic blues structure, which is unpredictable. Then we just add some vocal, keys and give it a psychedelic twist," Stockdale says.

At this stage he says there isn't a consistent theme throughout the album.

"There are four or five songs that are in a similar vein," he says.

"But then there are other ones that are a bit of a hoedown kind of vibe."

The album is entirely self-recorded and produced, but they may take it to a producer in January.

"There's a few people we're thinking about (to produce), but there's no one definite as yet," he says. "Now that we've recorded it and had the time to sit back and have a listen we have the opportunity to go back and re-think things."

Year Of The Dragon is one song the band has tested on the road already, which leads to one question: where does he get his lyrics from?

"Sometimes I just go for stream of consciousness," he says.

"I have a riff and I just go where the imagery takes me. I tend to use words for the percussive quality, so I get a good rhythm going with the sound of the words."

Wolfmother play The Northern, Byron Bay on December 16 at 9pm. Tickets $35 from www.the

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