Y Waste is an app tackling the waste problem in the hospitality industry.
Y Waste is an app tackling the waste problem in the hospitality industry. ThitareeSarmkasat

How you can get cheap food with new app

TWO Byron Bay cafe's have jumped on board an initiative to provide affordable food to consumers.

Byron Corner Store in Jonson Street and 8ight Food in Fletcher Street are actively reducing the amount of food that gets thrown away every day by supporting the new anti food waste app, Y Waste .

CEO Ian Price said Y Waste was launched almost three weeks ago.

"The spirit in the concept is to reduce actual food waste, so customers can't order specific products and meals from the menu, but have to take what is actually left over (at the end of the day),” Mr Price said.

"The surplus products are placed in "magic” bags/boxes, and this is what the customer gets.

"The customer only knows that they are getting good value for their money, which could be $15 to $20 worth of food, and only paying for example $5 for it.”

"But it's not only food that we save from getting thrown away - we also save flowers and have started signing up florists to our app.”

More businesses in the region could be on board soon too, as he said they are getting a lot of enquiries from merchants on the Northern shores wanting to know how Y Waste can work for them. 

Mr Price said in Australia retailers are throwing away over three million tons of processed/edible food every year, 80% of which is because it's simply not sold.

"There are various reasons for this but at the end of the day its an unnecessary waste if it could be put to better use, and it has a very negative impact on our environment,” he said.

Through Y Waste's network the food outlets can reach out to customers, who in return can come and pick up the delicious surplus food at a specified pick-up time, with considerable discount.

The food is paid for on the app and then subsequently settled with the merchants.

Mr Price said the extra revenue generated by the app was great for businesses as well.

"This is suitable for all kinds of outlets from the single small shop to the giant chains and all kinds of food such as sandwiches, cupcakes, doughnuts, pastry, bread, salads, hot & cold buffets, hot and cold restaurant meals, groceries from supermarkets,” he said.

He said often some food donated to charities gets thrown out as they have too much or is a health hazard.

"Y Waste allows the food vendor to both sell some surplus food of, and give some to charity or as an alternative the vendor could donate all proceeds from sales on Y Waste's app to charity.”

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