Pinterest is a fun and free app that's easy to use.
Pinterest is a fun and free app that's easy to use. mactrunk

How to turn your Pinterest addiction into cash

PINTEREST is a fun, handy and free app that enables people to bookmark and share images which are related to their interests. The app is much the same as an online corkboard as you can pin inspirations, photos, ideas and reminders on it. Use Pinterest to find creative ideas, plan an event, keep track of recipes or promote your crafts. But did you know that you can earn money through it?

1. Follow your passion, build an audience and sell to them

What are you passionate about? If people are willing to spend in the area you love, you can make money from them. Let us say you are a fitness junkie. You select your audience - for example, women in their thirties who want to be attractive and fit. Create a Pinterest account as well as boards which attract this audience. Create a mailing list and get fans to your boards. There are some keen Pinterest users who have more than a million followers. You do not require as many followers as those in your account to sell your audience. Generally, if you do not know what to sell, you don't need to get worried. Once you manage to get a few thousand followers, there are different marketers who will approach you with offers.

2. Choose a firm to promote and ask for sponsorship

Once you've built some Pinterest followers, choose some of the firms providing products which appeal to your audience. For instance, you can approach different firms selling sports drinks, or gym machines. You will be required to share the Pinterest account's statistics with the firms you approach, and ask for sponsorship. It's important that you offer them a deal so that they can choose to work with you.

3. Promote affiliate products

Many firms are in need of affiliates who will promote their different products for a small commission on sales. Find a firm selling products that you can promote. Sign up as an affiliate and then promote their products on your boards, using your affiliate links. It's important that you use a URL-shortening service such as Bitly when managing your links. This will assist you to track your boards and pins for the number of clicks. Regarding spamming, Pinterest normally takes action against the affiliate marketing spammers. Therefore, if you happen to be caught up in this act, it's ideal that you link your pins on your site, whereby you can get to use affiliate links.

4. Use search engine optimisation tactics

Your boards and pins should be easily searched by different people, so using effective SEO strategies can greatly boost your boards. SEO strategies will also ensure that you're found through the major search engines such as Google. It is very important that you are clear when you're using the keywords you expect your followers to use. Generally, each pin often allows more than 1000 characters (around 200 words) of description. Therefore, make sure that you make the most of it by adding links and keywords.

5. Create contests on Pinterest to sell your own products

Creating contests can help your brand become more popular on Pinterest.

6. Re-pin others' pins

Re-pin other people's pins to win your target audience. You must also always be active so that people will notice and follow your boards and will eventually re-pin your pin.

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