Tom and Anne Jorgensen with dogs Fifi the schnauzer and Peanut the mini dachshund.
Tom and Anne Jorgensen with dogs Fifi the schnauzer and Peanut the mini dachshund.

How this business helps grieving pet owners

A SPIKE in business from the Northern Rivers has led to one of Queensland's largest pet crematoriums expanding its services and job opportunities across the border.

Pet Angel Funerals founder Tom Jorgensen said business was booming in the region, so he needed to employ local staff to collect pets after they had passed away.

"In the past year our business has been receiving many requests for cremation support

services from local Northern Rivers vets and pet owners," he said.

"I've already employed one full time local employee and if things continue like this, more jobs will be available soon.

"We have been operating for five years now and are finding that our services are so highly

sought-after that we have needed to expand beyond the Gold Coast.

"Vets trust us and so many grieving pet owners are now referred to us.

"This has meant that we are now needing local, specially-trained drivers to be available to collect pets from down south and up north.

"In fact, we have just opened Brisbane's first-ever pet crematorium and will soon open another one in New South Wales.

"As we expand our service area, it is creating the opportunity to employ people from different suburbs and towns across South-East Queensland and Northern NSW."

He said he understood the Northern Rivers region had some of nation's highest unemployment rates, and he was pleased to do anything he could to help lower the figure.

"We have a team of dedicated pet lovers, who treat each pet that comes into our care as if they were our own," said Mr Jorgensen.

"Nobody enjoys dealing with the loss of a pet, but if we can do anything to make the process easier for those who are grieving, then we know we have done our job right."

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